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Since you cannot be saved by that which you do not know, gospel clarity is the starting block for all Christian living. 

We desire to impact the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In partnership with churches, Clarity intends to preach the biblical Gospel and to equip students with life-changing and life-shaping biblical truth. With Colossians 1:28 as our mandate, we intend to disciple the next generation as an onslaught of distractions, detractions, and worldly wisdom seeks to capture their hearts. 

Gospel Clarity is the answer to our greatest need today.  Gospel Clarity provides the grounding needed for our mental fortitude and spiritual stability. 

As the sands of change shift beneath the structures of the world, Christians are grounded in the truths and promises of the gospel (Luke 6:48). 

Chaos. Changes swirling all around us confront Christians with big-time questions on all fronts.  COVID pandemic, riots and protests, media and politics; God give us insight for our foggy heads.  God give us Clarity. 

Confusion. Fears within and attacks without.  It seems like nothing is normal anymore.  The speed of upheaval destabilizes and disorients; God give us answers for our troubled hearts.  God give us Clarity.

Conflict.  Our schools are disrupted.  Our schedules and futures are in jeopardy. How can we make a difference? What does god want me to do? God give us precision for the mission of our eager hands.  God give us Clarity.

If Christians are to continue stable and steadfast, it will be because of the eternal, fixed realities of the gospel (Col. 1:23).  Christians will rise above the chaos of this world as they stand firm in their faith (1 Pet. 5:9).  That requires the steely conviction of Gospel Clarity.  


Clarity is more valuable than ever before.   

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Let's be honest, in America today, we want what we want, and we want it now. We become impatient when our Amazon order takes more than two days. We get whiney if “it” doesn’t happen NOW.

But what if our urgency was for God’s priorities? What if we were eager to redeem the time for His purposes? What if we spent our time diligently preparing for His immediate return?

When it comes to God’s business, the time is NOW.

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