Code of Conduct

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1) I have read and understand the Organization’s child protection policies and agree to comply with them, including the following requirements.


2) I will comply with all training, directions, and supervision while serving as a childcare worker.


3) I will not act or behave in any way that jeopardizes the health and safety of a minor in my care.


4) In connection with my childcare service, I will refrain from meeting alone with a minor except in an open area or space that is visible to others which includes but is not limited to private counseling, walks, being alone in a room or cabin, on car rides or any other excursion. I understand that at least two other adults must be present. The only exceptions are (a) with my own child, (b) in the case of an emergency, or (c) clear and unequivocal authorization from a child’s parent.


5) I will refrain from contacting a minor or allowing a minor to contact me through any form of personal communication such as personal cell phone, landline, or social media and will inform leadership if a minor contacts me utilizing one of these methods. The only exceptions are as stated in No. 4 above.


6) I will not offer or allow the use of tobacco, alcohol, incendiaries, matches, lighters, or other illegal substances by a minor in my care.


7) I will only allow prescription medication to be taken by the person prescribed and in the manner that it is prescribed.


8) I will be alert to potential safety risks and take action to prevent injury to minors. I agree to document any accidents, injuries or reasonable suspicions of abuse and report accordingly, consistent with applicable mandated reporter obligations.


9) I will not allow any type of harassment or bullying of another, whether in person, through social media, or otherwise. If I see any type of harassment taking place, I will seek to intervene in an appropriate way and immediately notify leadership of the issue.


10) I will not use any sexually charged language, profanity, or language drawing attention to people’s genitals, I will respect others and avoid any type of similarly inappropriate misconduct, which can include inappropriate or suggestive comments, gestures, or physical contact, written or social media communication.


11) I will respect the privacy of minors when they use restroom facilities, change clothes, or otherwise disrobe. In the case of minors that are too young to use the restroom on their own, I will help in a way that is most expedient and where I am visible to other adults. If bathing is necessary, I will ensure that I and other adults shower or change in a location separate from minors.


12) I will not show, discuss, or distribute any pornographic or indecent material to a minor, including but not limited to photographs, video, social media, or other media.


13) I will refrain from giving gifts of any kind (money, clothing, jewelry, books, etc.) prior to discussing it with leadership and, if leadership recommends doing so, seeking and receiving permission from the intended recipient’s parent/guardian.


14) I understand that I may be a Mandatory Reporter under applicable law.  I therefore may be legally required to report any suspected sexual or physical abuse or neglect of a minor of which I witness or become aware, to government authorities such as a state children protection agency or the local police.  I agree to comply with such requirements and to report such matters to supervisory personnel.  I understand that any such internal reporting is in addition to legally required reporting to government authorities.


15) I agree to respect the confidentiality and privacy of minors, unless a Child, Youth, or Vulnerable Adult is in danger, in which case I will notify the police or other appropriate civil authority, as well as the leadership of the organization.


16) I understand that in the event that my personal conduct or behavior is deemed a violation of the child protection policies, I may be subject to the termination of my ability to serve and other adverse consequences.


17) I agree to follow all the directives of the policies, and comply with the information given in my training orientation.




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